The Little Dripper Coffee Brewer

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Making coffee is an art form that has somewhat become lost amidst the tidal wave of coffee machines that promise to make you the best cup of coffee at the push of a button. Although this method of coffee making is practical for our fast paced lives, we can’t help but yearn for that coffee that has had a little time and effort put into it.

Constellation Supply Co. have devoted over a decade of their time to bring forward the modern coffee brewer which they have entitled ‘The Little Dripper’. This simplistic tool allows you to make coffee in the traditional, fun way and claims to be ‘the easiest thing you do all day’. The Little Dripper features a zero waste method for coffee as well as an aesthetically pleasing design which will look great in any kitchen. The ‘pour over’ technique will also give you consistent cups of great tasting coffee without any mishaps that can often occur with machines. What’s more, if treated with real good care, The Little Dripper will be a lifetime addition to your kitchen.


Source :   Kickstarter

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