Lana Del Rey – Honeymoon

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“There are roses in between my thighs and fire that surrounds you.
It’s no wonder every man in town had neither fought nor found you.”

Last month, Lana Del Rey launched an Instagram account to promote her upcoming LP Honeymoon and posted a teaser of her lead single, also entitled ‘Honeymoon‘ as well. Today saw the full release of the track via her official YouTube channel. Lana also posted the release of the video via the IG account with the caption;

“Here it is, the first and title track off my record – Honeymoon. In some ways I feel it’s where the record begins and ends… there are so many other tracks on the record, 13 others to be exact- Some with a muddy trap energy and some inspired by late-night Miles Davis drives… But I love this song because it encapsulates all of the things that come naturally to me.”

While the song is obviously a favourite of the New York singer, it is already been viewed over 1,500,000 times within 24 hours and has been covered by the likes of Rolling Stone, NME and Billboard. It is the first release we’ve heard from Lana Del Rey since 2014 album Ultraviolence and the blueprint hasn’t changed and why would it. As always, she showcases a theme of troubled and tortured romance. “We both know the history of violence that surrounds you,” she sings. “But I’m not scared, there’s nothing to lose now that I’ve found you.” The instrumental combines sweeping strings and stuttering snares as they float through the background of the song, but, like much of Lana Del Rey‘s work, the core of its appeal is in her voice, which has almost created a character — lonely, moody, sultry— on its own.

During a show in Washington state this past May, Lana Del Rey said Honeymoon would be out in September but keep it locked to LOST CULTURE for updates.

Source: Lana Del Rey

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