Ryan Donaghy Brings Style with the T.Brush

We all want that sparkling clean smile, and in an attempt to get it, we constantly invest in the latest high tech electronic tooth brush’s. Each brand competes with one another to offer you the best clean, battery life and stylish design, but there is one brand in particular that promises to outdo them all. T.Brush ( pronounced T dot brush) is brought to you by project creator, Ryan Donaghy, who has created the new brand of innovative electric toothbrush’s. T.Brush is not like your usual electronic brush, it is fashionable, sleek and claims to be a lot more practical than some of the other leading toothbrush brands . T.Brush is taking pledges on Kickstarter, with a target pledge amount of £175.00, which will enable them to fully launch their brand a well as mass produce the T.Brush. You can back up the concept of T.Brush by placing a pledge for as little as £1, but if you pledge the highly reasonable amount of £59.00, you can receive a toothbrush of any style you desire. Currently, the T.Brush comes in 7 different styles.

Source : Kickstarter

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