See Jaden Smith’s New Sombre Video “Scarface”

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The charismatic enigma that is Jaden Smith continues to stretch both his creativity and your comfort zone with what’s “normal” in rap. After years of building up his own celebrity to get out of his father’s shadow (relatively speaking of course, as this is Will Smith), both him and his sister (Willow Smith) tried their hand in the music game. While Willow going global with “Whip My Hair“, Jaden was building his own brand. Now they both work together, and Jaden has his own movement known as “MSFTS“. Now known for his creative individuality, outspoken nature and misunderstood rendering, his music grows in appeal as we live in a generation that encourages difference. His song “Scarface” from the” This is The Album EP receives the video treatment. Shot interestingly MateraItaly, and directed by well known teen actor and good friend Moises Arias. Like most pieces of art it is open to interpretation, as in the actual song he touches on themes such as generic rap and the government. Check it out above.

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