Spiritually Conscious School “MUSE” Paves the Way!

From the moment we enter the world we are taught right from wrong, different words, how to walk and the many belief systems that are in place today. As we grow it is easier to make our own judgement from information we receive or the images we see but what if we did this as a child? Would our circumstances or mind set be any different? Environmentalist, actress and model Suzy Amis Cameron also known as James Cameron’s wife, worked with her sister Rebecca Amis and came up with a school called MUSE which helps to enhance the creativity that children already have. All of their children attend the school and son Quinn built his very own motorcycle at only 11 years old. Cameron said ““There’s no better way to learn about a broad range of subjects than to build a vehicle.” Muse said this about how there school works, “At MUSE, every child is truly known. We understand and honor students as individuals – dreamers, observers, envelope pushers, and everything in between. We give each a voice in choosing curriculum based on what they like, how they learn, where they find fun, and what they need.” James Cameron recently shared his solar sunflower project for the children at the school. The sunflowers will make it possible to power the school with up to 90% electricity, now that is mind blowing. Think of all the energy we could save, not to mention the positive effects  on the environment. Check out the video at the top and bottom of the page to understand how MUSE works. Leave a comment below on your thoughts of MUSE! Would you feel better as a parent having more schools that lived by this? Keep up with the Lost Cultures team daily for the latest!

Source: MUSE School CA

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