21st Amendment Make Beer That Tastes Like Pop-Tarts

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21st Amendment have created a beer that tastes like the sweet and tasty Pop-Tarts. The Californian brewery has appropriately entitled it ‘Toaster Pastry’. The Pop-Tarts flavored drink was released on Saturday in an opening party for 21st Amendment who were celebrating a new brewery facility. The new brewery was once a Kellogg’s factory where the delicious sweet treat was made. The new Pop-Tarts flavored creation was concocted to pay homage to the former proprietor. Toaster Pastry is an Indian Red Ale and will become a seasonal beer which will be available in 19.2-ounce cans. If you like Pop-Tarts and ale, you bound to love the taste of Toaster Pastry. Check out their website to browse more interesting flavor combinations.


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