Disneyland to Create Star Wars and Marvel Land

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In 2009 Disney bought Marvel Entertainment for the large sum of $4 billion dollars and later bought Lucasfilm for the same in 2012.  So it was only a matter of time before Star Wars and Marvel had their own unique part in the Disneyland extravaganza. According to Screen Crush, Disneyland are expected to expand even further in the original park at Anaheim, California. Disney have said “what we can tell you is that Star Wars Land will include multiple attractions, anchored by a mega E-Ticket using a trackless vehicle that will break the mold when it comes to how theme park visitors interact with a ride environment.” Star Wars Land will be north of the adventure park, where rides and shows will be kept in their own private section known as the “Imagineering Lab” in Glendale, California. The rides will be linked to the next three Star Wars episodes. Although a confirmation date isn’t set in stone for Marvel or Star Wars Land, Star Wars Miniland could arrive by the end of this year. Marvel Land will be built behind the Tower of Terror ride, where you can feel like a real superhero, with accompanied audio, effects and animatronics. Are you excited for the expansion? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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