Graduate Recruiter “Ernst and Young” Won’t Be Checking Your A-Levels and Degrees!

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If you’ve chosen to go to college and then university and worked your butt off to get there, then am sure you know how trying it is. The all-nighters, the endless energy drinks or coffee and the disappearing social life, sound familiar? What if I said all those years of hard work were all for, nothing. Well according to worldwide accountancy firm, Ernst and Young, they need more than degrees and A-levels. It’s no secret that for any job it is going to take a lot more than good grades and experience alone, since so many are competing, there has to be something to stand out, good character is important. However Ernst and Young will now make anyone applying for a job, take tests or assessments. The company has said this is “a robust and reliable indicator of a candidate’s potential to succeed”. This is not unfamiliar since accountancy firm Pricewaterhouse Coopers reported in May, they would be approaching job applicants in the same way. So this is good and bad news. This is good for anyone seeking an opportunity in an accountancy career, who was unable to attend university, due to finances or simply not wanting to go through education again. No matter the reason, there are doors opening in the accountancy sector and anyone has a chance. On the other hand what does this say to people who have already been to university? Would their grades and commitment not indicate their level of understanding and ability? Is it worth studying accountancy at university or would you be better off saving your time and money? Leave a comment below on your thoughts and keep up with the          L Ø S T  C U L T U R E team daily for the latest!

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