Payphoneography Lets You Browse The Worlds Payphones

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@payphones is an incredible Instagram account which showcases what’s left of payphones from all over the world. The face behind this game, if you will, of seek out the payphone is Dan Marker-Moore who began this trend in 2011 in L.A. Other photographers became intrigued by this trend and began taking their own payphone pictures and tagging them under the coined term ‘Payphoneography’. By using the hash tag #Payphoneography, this project quickly became a known term worldwide and enabled budding photographers to share images of payphones in their city. Slowly, each ancient device is being removed, because let’s face it no one uses them, we can call someone for free at the touch of a button. If it were up to us and all of the Payphoneography followers, we would keep them up because they hold character and look quite cool. Create your own collection of payphones before they disappear, and become somewhat of a myth to younger generations. Follow the trend on twitter and visit the online blog to browse through payphone pictures from around the world.





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