The Mouse Outfit: BBC Radio 6 Live Session with Mary Anne Hobbs

If you don’t know about The Mouse Outfit then you’ve been sleeping way too long. They are a British jazz & hip hop collective that often make music with reggae influenced vibes. Mainly from Manchester, they are a group of instrumentalists, rappers and producers. They currently have 2 main albums circulating the nation, entitled “Escape Music” & “Step Steadier“, both available on BandCamp. Now known across the UK, and further, they have been performing their music across the country, check out where their next performance is here. That would bring you pretty much up to speed, except they stopped by BBC Radio 6 a couple of days ago to perform two amazing tracks. Don’t be intimated by the 15-minute time stamp, as their live music is pure bliss which you are sure to enjoy. You also get to know the names of some of the members and experience the humorous side to on-the-day band representative Dr Syntax. Mary Anne Hobbs seemed to enjoy it so why not stream free below via BBC.

Click play below:

The Mouse Outfit Live Session on BBC Radio 6

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