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The wait is nearly over said Musician Claudio Marques on Recently tweeted:

Revealing Official Cover to his up and coming project ‘O v e r t h I n k I n g’. Claudio has finally decided to Reintroduce himself to the world through his different shades of thoughts. This album reveals his persona and his perspective of life in general. ‘O v e r t h I n k I n g’ touches upon different aspects of his world: Family, Love, Money, Sex and the negativity that comes along with success and happiness.

this album is set to exposes his secret concerning the fact that he suffers from great amounts of “uncontrollable thoughts”, which he has decided to express via his music. This is where the name ‘O v e r t h I k I n g’ comes into play.

The broken bulb we see on the cover, metaphorically symbolizes Claudio’s mind overloading. The smoke illustrates the thoughts and ideas, which have now escaped to the world’s ear. Looking closely, we see a number of stars all over the night sky, which indicates the time of the day when Claudio turns the smoke (thoughts & ideas) into music. The release date is still to be announced. Stay tuned for further updates.


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