One To Watch: House of Pharaohs

House of Pharaohs are described on their Twitter profile as “A collective of London youths bringing a new era to creative arts.” In that essence, they are dedicated to building a platform for members to flourish in whatever talent they are gifted in, whether that be rapping, singing, acting, dancing or design. The 12 strong collective from London have used popular social media platforms such as Tumblr and Soundcloud in order to build a both strong and loyal fan base as well gain attention overseas. This is something refreshing in the modern day music scene as many artists rely on paid PR and one off opportunities to build a reputation whereas the South London House of Pharaohs are reaching out and interacting with people. This in turn leads to fans knowing who they are and what they are about before they even release any music.

pharoahs 1
Members of House of Pharaohs; Nyshy Bandanna, AJ Young Soul, Danny Stern, Kevin Taylor, Sam Wise and Blaze

In terms of music, House of Pharaohs are heavily influenced from the genres of trap and trill as they display an almost laid back approach to their raps and flows. Their eclectic raps over a backdrop of minimal and sporadic beats, showcase the youthful energy of the US’ Rae Sremmurd and the grittiness and reality of London’s very own Piff Gang. Their ability to combine genres through their music is a credit to their production and overall music commitment. A perfect example of this is their 2014 hit ‘Six Shots‘ which sees the group go over a hard bass trap instrumental, which could easily be a hit for Young Thug or Rich Homie Quan, is taken to another level by the Pharaohs who mix their flow, raps and ad-libs to make a quintessential UK trap/rap record.

Since their arrival on the scene, the Pharaohs have been noted as being a ‘UK A$AP Mob’. Now while comparisons can be seen as both a compliment and a curse, with House of Pharaohs, its only done to emphasise their impact. The Pharaohs, like A$AP Mob in New York, represent what is so exciting about a a global city like London [and New York], where cultures mix and fuse to create new waves of youth culture spanning music, fashion and the creative arts. This can be heard through their music and seen through their online presence and music videos. The visuals for their track ‘1.11’ (Prod. By LSOW) released back in April of this year sees the gang mob out in various establishments including a supermarket, a casino and a hotel. The video, which was directed by Alia Hassan for Allegorical, shows the fashion and culture of the life they are living but showcase their youth and energy but running into hotel receptions and corner shops, all in the good name of music.

The rise of the Pharaohs has certainly not happened overnight and its clear that a lot of ground work has been put in for the collective to be where they are now. They recently featured on 1Xtra and were interviewed by DJ Semtex and are performing live alongside Avelino and Tiana Major9 at the The Pit LDN in October. All of this success, plus the release of their first EP Southern Stamp a few months back (including tracks ‘Massacre‘ and ‘Mean Muggin‘), is tantamount to the hard work put in by all members. Whatever the future holds for House of Pharaohs, they are sure to succeed in their respective fields and we hope to see more from the group soon.

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