The Flash – Season Two Promo “Other Worlds” Trailer : The CW

The Flash will return later this year, after a tremendous and critically acclaimed season one. The CW original series based on the character from DC Comics’ Justice League, saw Grant Gustin (Barry Allen) tackle the notorious Reverse Flash in the closing moments of the season. Continuing on from this plot, he opened a portal to a vast number of dimensions when travelling back in time to save his mother. Who will come through the portal, is what the next season will be based around. We already learned that Rick Cosnett (Eddie Thawne) is the descendant of The Flash’s most notorious enemy, but. he “died” at the end of season 1. Would they kill him after the reveal of such a huge secret? No one knows, but we do know so far from the trailers that we will receive new enemies such as Zoomhuge character development of Caitlin and Cisco, and new allies including the first ever speedster/Flash Jay Garrick. Comic book fans are wriggling in their seats for an exciting upcoming return, see the trailers both above, and below.

CW’s The Flash will return October 6th in the U.S and will hopefully soon follow in the U.K.  


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