808INK – Grubble

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For the past couple of years, London has been producing a unique crop of artists that are continuously pushing the boundaries musically. We often think of artists like Little Simz and Kojey Radical, but there are a number of highly talented and mainly undiscovered rap collectives with a lot to offer to the scene. From the likes of Last Night in Paris, House of Pharaohs and Age of Luna, a trend has developed with groups of like minded and talented individuals coming together and making music. Another such group is 808INK, who sit perfectly within this trend whilst also offering something unique at the same time.

A London-based experimental hip-hop collective, 808INK is made up of 808Charmer, Mumblez Black Ink and art director Pure Anubi$, and they gained attention with the release of their album an Artistic piece. at the end of 2013. Since dropping a number of unique and aesthetically pleasing videos from the project including ‘Full English‘, ‘Vacuum Love’ and ‘Roulette‘, 808INK have been working on their upcoming project entitled Billy’s Home.

If we didn’t know what to expect from 808INK by now, they gave us a little taster with the release of ‘GRUBBLE’ from the upcoming EP. ‘GRUBBLE’ is a hard-hitting track, with elements of funk, infectious bass guitar notes and short and snappy snares and drums. In terms of lyrics, the raps flow like a twisted mixture of boom bap UK hip hop and classic battle rap. The end product is truly pleasing and shows yet again while rap collectives are the most exciting thing within the scene right now, and its safe to say that 808INK are at the forefront of that wave.

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