Claudia Kane – Darling Is Not My Name

Claudia Kane released her new song ‘Darling Is Not My Name’ and accompanying music video on the 9th of October and boy are we impressed. Both the sound of the track and the story in the music video are filled with raw emotion yet the song is massively catchy and hard to stop replaying. Clash have described the track as ‘a wonderfully ambitious piece of pop perfection’ and this is certainly easy to agree with.

With an simple yet eerie beginning, ‘Darling Is Not My Name’ sets the tone of a slow, emotional song which echoes from real life pain and angst. However, as the song progresses new layers are added to create a track with depth and many areas, while still keeping with the undertone of real-life emotion. Claudia Kane’s vocals are undeniably impressive. The sounds she creates vary in pitch and style, and are filled with passion and care. Even though the song has clear electronic influences, with the increasing beat and different sounds on loop, the voice sounds untouched from autotune and other software, adding to the raw desperation of the song.


The music video follows the story of a woman who has suffered much misogyny from men. It is clear from the very first shot in the video what the title means, that ‘Darling’ is a word used by men to this woman in a belittling and objectifying way. The video goes on to tell a desperate story of this character but combined with the strength of the song, shows there is rebellion in her and fuel for change.

The track is reasonably short and doesn’t follow a traditional shape of a solo song. It is fast paced and layers are quickly added in loops to turn a simple statement into a passionate exhibition of sound. Dance beats and instruments compete with the vocals for the key place in the song making the track more of an experimentation with music rather than a purely vocal performance.

It is clear that this story emanates from a very real place, and what is unique about this track is the strength of its message. Even the title is an intense statement of empowerment which commands respect. The track makes for not only a very current sound, but a very current message culminating in the fact that this song should be heard by a maximum amount of people.

This track is one of 3 on Claudia Kane‘s new EP ‘EP 1’ which is available on here for £1.79.


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