Dirty Grandpa: Robert De Niro is Dick Kelly

Lionsgate have finally released a trailer for their latest comedic offering, Dirty Grandpa. They chose to debut the teaser through the medium of Buzzfeed on Wednesday. Starring Robert De Niro as the potty mouthed ‘Grandpa Dick’ who embarks on a road trip with his straight edge grandson, Jason played by Zac Efron.

With a destination of Daytona Beach in Florida, Dick Kelly’s aim is to have one final blowout before his quiet reprieve into a retirement home. Naturally, Jason is anxious to leave his disgruntled fiancée (Julianne Hough) mere days before their nuptials.

Even though Kelly only lost his wife a short time ago, he doesn’t let that stop him from embracing all things ‘spring break’ has to offer. For some, a hedonistic lifestyle of partying and drinking works. Dick is no exception and flirting up a storm with Lenore (Aubrey Plaza), who can blame him?

“I just smoked crack?!” cries a topless Efron to a cheering audience as he flexes his muscles whilst stripping on stage. Given the movies title of ‘Dirty Grandpa’ we can only assume that De Niro’s character will engage in some illicit activities of his own.

Dirty Grandpa will debut in cinemas on 22/01/16.


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