LISTEN: BBK’s Jammer Remixes Disclosure’s “Jaded”

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Well, who expected this? A fantastic Jammer remix of Disclosure’s Jaded” from their new album “Caracal“. Hitting your airways exclusively through none other than Mista Jam, an unlikely remix that was broadcasted that has created quite some buzz. The jazzy, bass heavy, grime infused cut is a lot to take in. With many complex instrument solo’s thrown together in perfect harmony. BBK’s Jammer, assisted by a serious saxophonist, and some additional keys by (Manchester Artist) Blizzard, creates a stunning masterpiece that we can’t let slip under the radar.

A once, slow sing along, has been remixed to become an electronic banger. The song sounds contemporary, yet, it could have easily hit the charts as the original did around the late 2000’s. I-D Magazine quotes Jammer discussing how he made it, involving all-nighters and live sessions. See his official quotes here. He also described how his production will have more consistency from now onwards, so we certainly look forward to hearing more where that came from! Check out the song above.

Purchase Disclosure‘s new album “Caracalhere.

Source: I-D

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