Meek Mill teaming up with Sauce Twinz for new Drake diss?

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Ever since the beef between Drake and Meek Mill kicked off back in May of this year, there has been a consensus amongst fans and critics that Drake stole the show. Ultimately, Meek took too long to respond to Drake’s ‘Charged Up‘ and ‘Back to Back diss tracks and when he eventually responded with ‘Wanna Know‘, it was a lack lustre and simply disappointing effort. While we all assumed that the war was over, it may seem that Meek Mill is planning a track for Drake alongside Sauce Twinz.

Like Meek, Sauce Walka [one half of the Sauce Twinz] also has a problem with the Canadian rapper. According to MTV, Walka and Drake’s beef started back in May when the former took a shot at Drake for his annual Houston Appreciation Weekend, saying the Canadian rapper never recorded with any artists from Houston and just used the city for lyrical content. Since then, Walka released only one diss track aimed at Drake called ‘Wack to Wack‘, which has been streamed 615,000 times and contained lyrics such as;

“Go Muhammad Ali on ’em
What kinda man let another man pee on him?
You kissed Madonna after everybody peed on her
I tried to let it go but now I gotta squeeze on ’em.”

While it was no secret that Meek Mill and the Sauce Twinz would be working on new music, there were many rumours that the aforementioned project would be a Drake diss. Those rumours were fuelled further with the release of the official artwork for the track entitled ‘Winnin‘, shared via Sauce Walka‘s Instagram yesterday morning;

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Streetz Vs. Geeks 🏆

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Walka shared an artwork to the Sauce Twinz‘ collaboration with Mill, captioning the photo, “Streetz vs. Geeks.” The song’s artwork consists of a scoreboard with the word “Streets” on one side and the word “Geeks” on the other, and the actual score reads three to one. Apparently, the Sauce Twinz believe that Drake and artists like him have been losing in hip-hop as of late, while those who rhyme about edgier topics are winning. It’s fair game to assume that the owl in the graphic represents Drake’s OVO mascot while the baby under the “Streets” side is from the Bad Boy Records logo. There’s no word on when the record will drop, but it’ll be interesting to see if Meek Mill can come back with a bang.

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