Nadia Rose – D.F.W.T

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Female rappers in the UK have always been far and few between. However, over the years, we have seen a rise in young, talented females who not only shine within their class, but have all the credentials and abilities to take on their male counterparts. Little Simz‘ recent commercial success, as well as Lady Leshurr‘s Queens Speech Freestyles and Lady Lykez‘ appearance at Lord of the Mics 7, just go to show that the UK music scene is as much being supported by the females as well. In order to keep this, there needs to be a steady investment in female and a consistency in form. With talented young stars such as Ms Banks and C Cane rising up, the future looks healthy. Another addition is South London’s very own Nadia Rose.

Nadia Rose is looking to remain individual and that can be seen through the music she puts out. Her freestyle ‘Station’ showcased her flow and verstiltility on the microphone while her remix of Yungen & Sneakbo’s ‘Ain’t On Nuttin’ profiled her love for lyrics and wordplay. All of these tracks simply served as teasers to the release of the official video for ‘D.F.W.T’, which sees Nadia go over the instrumental of Mila J‘s ‘My Main’ [a DJ Mustard production] and drop an impressive track, full of punchlines, plus a variation of speeds and flows. Matched with an impressive video courtesy of Reece Proctor, the track has abilty to reach a larger audience and has seen Nadia been featured on a number of media outlets.

“There’s this misconception that “female rappers” should unite since we’re the minority in the industry. I say fuck them and fuck that. I’m not gonna work with someone I don’t necessarily rate/respect based on gender and/or inequality. I do me and here I am.”Nadia Rose

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