Philly Cheese steak From Barclay prime Costs $120

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The Philly Cheese steak is the go to gooey tasty combination of meat and cheese which is a classic grab and go meal. Its cheap and easy to make, you don’t eat it from a fancy plate, you engulf that Philly Cheese Steak, letting the meaty cheesy juices circulate your mouth. Nick Solares, food enthusiast and writer introduces us to the incredible $120 Philly Cheese steak. This sandwich is nothing like the cheap and cheerful subway favorite. It’s rich in flavor, contains expensive ingredients and is served with a glass of champagne. This recipe uses wagyu beef, foie gras, mornay truffle cheese sauce and truffles. You can indulge in your very own gourmet Philly Cheese Steak at Barclay Prime in New York. Watch the video above to find out how it’s made. Warning, your mouth WILL water.

Source: Eater


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