Removed Captures Life Without Smartphones

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Eric Pickersgill captures how our generation has lost the art of connecting with one another physically. His portrait collection called ‘Removed‘ is compiled of people in every day situations where they’re using their phones, but the phone/tablet has been removed. The Removed series reflects how much our obsession with connecting via a cyber universe is making us forget out to interact with people who are around us. From strangers, to the people we love and share our lives with. Watch this short video which encapsulates our attachment to technology. Click here to view more of Removed and other works by Eric Pickersgill.

“The photographs represent reenactments of scenes that I experience daily. We have learned to read the expression of the body while someone is consuming a device and when those signifiers are activated it is as if the device can be seen taking physical form without the object being present”

Source: Eric Pickersgill


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