Snakehips feat. Tinashe & Chance The Rapper – All My Friends

In the past, Snakehips have teamed up some great vocalists on a handful of tracks including stellar works with Tory Lanez [Dimelo], Sinead Harnett [‘No Other Way], and Syd (of The Internet) [‘Gone’]. As well as remixing tracks from Banks to Raury, Bondax to The Weeknd, Snakehips also dropped a successful EP Forever, Pt. II back in March of this year. Now the UK production duo have enlisted the talents of both Tinashe and Chance The Rapper for their latest track ‘All My Friends’, as they prepare for the release of their upcoming album via Sony Music.

The production style from Snakehips works as the perfect foundation for a swaggy Hip-Hop/R&B sound as Tinashe and Chance fit perfectly over the soft percussion and instrumental with their slick vocals. ‘All My Friends‘, builds around a crooked, Dilla-esque beat with Tinashe singing a lonely first verse, but the hook offers a warm reprieve—a tale of depressing late nights delivered as a happy sing-along, full of gospel uplift. Chance The Rapper enters the fray with a  great half-rapped/half-sung verse, offering a great introspective look at going out and the rap game in general;

“Hip hop and the propaganda say they name brand. But I done seen how the xan did my main man”

‘All My Friends‘ is a low-key, almost neo-soul anthem for those who go out too much and can’t resist the temptations of partying. With such a relatable message, this song has the makings of a track that could easily be a viral hit and slowly percolate up the charts and onto the radio. With a smart push from Sony, this has a chance to do some real damage with Snakehips at the forefront.

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