Social Skills – It’s Invisible [Video]

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Social Skills, the three-piece collective from North London, radiate a majestic sound that combine 70’s synths and kaleidoscopic guitar riffs. Made up of Chopper on keyboard, Moshik on drums, and Scuta on guitar and vocals, Social Skills exude talent, authenticity, and maturation and have recently dropped their new track ‘It’s Invisible‘. Featuring a distinctively retro sound that sends listeners on a journey through time, ‘It’s Invisible‘ takes inspiration from a decade of electro funk and synths, combined with tranquilizing vocals and catchy lyrics

The new EP from Social Skills Socialize! will be released on November 6th, and the 4 track project looks to prove the band are one to watch in the world of Indie-Electronic sounds. As much a visual entity as they are a sonic-one, the band’s creative minds are never far away; including themselves heavily in the creation of the visual counterparts to this project

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