Sticky Blood – Balance [Video]

Sticky Blood hit the UK music scene hard with their new track ‘Balance‘. With a slow tempo and electronic grooves, this track fits perfectly into the upcoming new trend of mellow dance music hitting the 2015 garage-grime-electronica scene, following the likes of Gorgon City and MNEK.

Sticky Blood is the name of a collaboration between Andy Nicholson who has previously played with Arctic Monkeys and Reverend and the Makers, and Jamie Shield. The production duo have created a unique compilation of tracks for their new EP Blood Is Stickier Than Water. The first track of the EP, ‘Balance’, has formed out of support from Red Bull and its release to Soundcloud has created a bit of a buzz, to say the least.

Their production has created a sound which stands out from music of a similar genre popular in the charts today. To be more specific, electronic music in the charts tends to be heavy and fast, with over dramatised drops. They have created a more chilled vibe with obvious creativity, from sampling, synth work and hip hop influences, down to the EP artwork which twice depicts the alchemical symbol of blood because Sticky Blood are a duo, over an image of water to mirror the album title.

The duo are from Sheffield, and they have used their roots in a vibrant music scene to recruit local lyricist Coco for vocals on the EP, as well as other vocal features from Tom Prior. This EP is following on from the pairs first creation, their debut EP I.D and is set to drop on the 20th November after a gig at Red Bull on the 19th. The remaining 4 unreleased tracks from the EP are due for release before these dates and we’ve all been left wondering what impressive creativity and charm to expect from the rest of the Blood Is Stickier Than Water EP.

Written and recorded at Red Bull Studios, London, Sticky Blood were able to refine the sounds of each track. Pitching up camp for a week within the studios and invit-ing a select number of collaborators to join them has ensured every sound and piece of energy has been captured magnificently within the E.P:

“Working with Red Bull was something we had always spoken about doing and it was great to be given the opportunity to team up with them to turn this project into something more then it perhaps would of been. It has given us a bigger team on this project, so there has al-ways been someone there to pick up the slack, a luxury we don’t always have. For that extra energy and effort to be coming from somewhere as influential and established as Red Bull, it’s a big part of elevating this release.”

As the introductory track to the E.P, the video for ‘Balance’ is released exclusively via Red Bull Music. There’s fluidity to it, a magic, a gentle dreamlike air that mes-merises the senses, offset against a deep bass that hums throughout. It leaves you yearning to hear the rest of the E.P, packed with substance but unsure of what di-rection the sounds of the remaining 4 tracks will take.

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