Tyler the Creator – Buffalo

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Since dropping his latest project Cherry Bomb, we have been anticipating visuals to accompany. This week saw Tyler drop a video for ‘BUFFALO’, a widely appreciated track from the album with some awesome soulful vocals and great wordplay thrown out by Tyler, The Creator. It’s full of twists and turns that’ll have you questioning the aesthetic of the entire track. Despite that, it’s something that really makes it unique by having it pull from so many different styles. The video looks to shock and does so through emotive imagery and a controversial subject. While the video has led to a split opinion amongst fans and critics, it seems that Tyler is taking the ‘hate’ in his stride;


The video starts off with Tyler, The Creator covered head to toe in white paint, while a mob of people watches the hanging of his body with a noose from a nearby tree. With some really hard hitting imagery, it’s sure to bring up some questionable topics and interesting debates as many of Tyler, The Creator’s works tend to do.From that, the video advances into some unique colour shots, where it then warps into this vintage-esque shot style film. The grainy, VHS-quality segment for “Find Your Wings” features Tyler – backed by members of Odd Future –performing the lush jazz-pop groove on a 1970s-styled TV show. Sporting a goofy smile, Tyler talks about defying easy categorization: “I just wanna show everybody that, hey, I love music. They try to pigeonhole me in this rap box, and it’s like – no, man, I love sound!” The aesthetic aspects of the  video change entirely midway through, which is pretty unique.




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