Shystie – No Safety

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In the modern day UK rap/grime scene, we have a number of talented females rising up through the ranks,proving that they are not just as equal as their male counterparts but often proving that they can be much better. From Little Simz to Nadia Rose, Tanika to Lady Lykez, female rappers are pushing out consistent music and showing why there doesn’t even need to be a “female” category at all. However, when grime first came onto the scene, female found to hard to break through into the male dominated genre and in essence had to become “one of the boys” in image, flow and content. It took a handful of talented MCs – Nolay [now known as Bella Gotti], Mz Bratt, Lady Sovereign and Lioness to show that gender was nothing and proved themselves, on tracks and on radio sets week after week.

One of those rappers was Shystie, whos unstoppable flow and barrage of lyrics put her on the forefront of the scene. Her 2009 freestyle for DJ Tim Westwood is still one of the most impressive of all time and her appearance on popular youth television series Dubplate Drama in 2005 showed her versatility and acting skills. By remaining consistent with creativity and talent, Shystie went from strength to strength through 2010-2013, releasing tracks alongside DVS [‘Ima Boss‘], Lily Allen [‘Hard Out Here‘], Azealia Banks [‘Control It‘] and Jalissa [‘Stop‘]. It was because of the efforts of rappers like Shystie and others that we can celebrate the wealth of female talent in the scene right now.

Now, fresh from breaking the ‘net with her random, 30-second freestyles, Shystie returns to the booth with a brand new track entitled ‘No Safety‘. Jumping on a head-spinning tribal trap production from DJ Cable, she gets riotous with the bars for pure club hypement, explaining to Complex, who also premiered the track: “‘No Safety’ is just a high-energy track that represents UK underground club culture to the fullest! Putting a gun-finger in the air when a track is played has always been one of the highest forms of appreciation to me, so that’s the energy that I’m bringing on this one.”

Shystie added that her Exhalation EP will “be out soon, and it’s basically me at my best: raw, uncut, and fiery. The main hope for this new music is that my original, day one followers will enjoy it.”

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