Alexa Chung’s second series for British Vogue ‘Future Of Fashion’ Coming Soon.

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Alexa Chung experience and insight within the fashion industry is forever ongoing. Not to mention her frequent appearance on best dressed lists for her diverse style. She is a contributing editor for British Vogue, who not so long ago gave some insight into her expertise via British Vogue’s YouTube channel with six Of Alexa’s videos ‘Future Of Fashion. The documentary explores inside the industry- and with the second series not far away it’s only necessary refresh your minds with episode 6.

Series 1 Episode 1- How to break into the fashion industry

First of the documentary series. In the first episode of this 6-part series, Alexa chats about her own path into the fashion world.

Episode 2 – How to become a fashion designer

The second episode in our series exploring the future of fashion, where she meets students at the beginning of their fashion careers.

Episode 3 – Positive body image and diversity

Episode three series looking at the ‘Future of Fashion’ touches on two very important and recurring themes in fashion: body image and diversity. Chung discusses her own body image and posits how fashion can and should be harnessed to improve these issues.

Episode 4 – How to become a fashion buyer and what is a trend forecaster

What does a buyer actually do? How does trend-forecasting work?

Episode 5 – How to make a difference in the industry

From the director of ‘Dior and I’ to the man who threw a fashion protest to get his work noticed on the streets of Paris, this week, and investigates fashion from a different perspective.

Episode 6On Instagram and social media at Balmain with Oliver Rousteing

How does a brand stand the test of time, and what do historic fashion houses like Balmain do to stay relevant without losing loyal customers? Olivier Rousteing is the answer. He talks history, future, money, Instagram, Kardashians and dancing with a bumbag with Chung in the grand finale to this eye-opening series.

Alexa reads some of the feedback and asks what else you’d like to learn about fashion for her future episodes. Look out for the second series coming in 2016. 

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