Fabian Secon feat. Mic Righteous – Red Light [Official Video]

Born and raised in Brixton, 18-year-old Fabian Secon represents a new generation of young artists who are not only technology-savvy, but also wield a diverse arsenal of musical influences. The talented young singer is able to merge a more traditional sense of RnB with 21st Century styles to form his unique musical identity. His fascination with melody underpins his productions, with his vocals presenting as raw yet fragile, the perfect vehicle for his authentic lyrics. Since dropping his first official release ‘Gold Plated‘ in August and then the Splurgeboys remix featuring Rocket and Scorcher in October, Fabian Secon has been gaining recognition from the likes of SB.TV, Pigeons and Planes, Kiss TV and Capital Xtra.

This week saw the release of the latest single, ‘Red Light‘ which features UK rapper Mic Righetous, who serves up a typically aggressive sixteen which intersects Fabian’s emotive vocal hooks. The track is a harder, edgier sound to what we have become used to with Fabian but his melodies intertwined with the instrumental makes for a powerful sound. Fabian (who co-produced the track) explains “The track is an 808 driven catchy, melodic, energetic street banger. More of a ‘get gassed’ record with that hectic feel. Concept & title is a metaphor for a dangerous girl that you can’t help but pursue.” ‘Red Light’ is set to be released on 29th January 2016.

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