Five Amazing Artists You Need To Follow On Instagram

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In no particular order, here are just a few artists that have stood out in 2015. Each artist brings something unique to the table and there is no true way in which art can be measured. Therefore, they are presented randomly. Individually they have become quite impactful on the ‘gram, using their talent and skill to garner thousands of followers. Dotted everywhere from Manchester, UK to Chicago, US, here are just a few we think you should follow.

1. Reskdstroy


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Reskdstroy is an artist/graphic designer from Holland (or The Netherlands) who has reinvented the look of characters from Dragonball Z, Disney, The Simpsons and more. Often working closely with Chris Brown, he infuses the hottest streetwear trends and biggest names in urban fashion (usually Bape & Supreme) into the aesthetic of each character. Notable pieces include the Supreme x Bape Sonic the HedgehogSupreme Sasuke & Stone Island Kid Goku (displayed above). With these designs available on phone cases, canvas pieces, or apparel, Reskdstroy blends two cultures together amazingly well. Follow him here to see more of his latest work and for a link to purchase.

2. fromvirginiaben


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Another artist from Europe, except this time from the UKFVB (or fromvirginiaben) has been working on his unique print for years and has recently amassed a cult following in which his designs are heavily popular. Propelled to success through perfecting his look, he has worked on every shoe from Timberland‘s to Nike Air Max‘s, from Nike Huarache‘s to Balenciaga‘s. Now working amongst the “big dogs”, his fantastically colourful, almost psychedelic colourways, have garnered a huge following on Instagram. From sunsets, to a clear blue sky, and everything in between, his pieces are truly detailed from “head to toe”. Working on cars, interior design (a barber shop), backpacks, jackets and pretty much anything else you can think of, his print has become a trademark of sorts. Follow him and check out more of his work here.

3. Alexmdc

With a fear of public speaking, Alex Solis provides a way of translating that worry into art form, by revealing the true identity of the most famous animated icons worldwide. Childhood ruined! So, Peter Griffin was really Homer Simpson, and Stewie was actually Tommy this whole time? Who knew? Each piece poses a brilliant gateway into the imagination, as the “Icons Unmasked” series sees this artist garner over 184k followers on Instagram. Art with a purpose and with meaning behind it is always a great thing, and clearly touches people in a way they probably never thought it would. Bright colours and finely executed character design sees Alexmdc gain huge critical acclaim. See more here.

4. Reuben Dangoor


Now if we’re talking creativity, innovation, we’re talking Reuben Dangoor. Already recognised and praised by many, his work is gaining a slow rise to fame as he imagines today’s grime stars as men from centuries past. Royal men, of kings and queens, army men, for pride and country. Each star has something unique about them which he brilliantly infuses into each piece he creates. Reuben’s original pieces reside at Tate Art Gallery, with people such as D Double E who met up with the artist to see the work in person. With grime now taking over the world (which is what probably inspired this) there couldn’t be a better time to create this magnificent art series. See more from Reuben here.

5. Amulliart 

You used to call me on my cellphone…

A photo posted by A.Mulli (@amulliart) on

Last but not least, we have “8-Bit errr’thang.” – the man himself. A new age form of art sees something different take the world by storm. Everyone from Skepta to Innocent Majin Buu, A.Mulli presents an eye-catching display that’s strangely loveable. Now many artists are trying their hand at it, yet Amulliart currently offers the best of. Whether you’re in tune with anime, grime or hip-hop, there’s something in this form of art for you. Also selling stickers and other items, here’s a bandwagon you’ll want to jump on before it blows up even more. With many great designs, it doesn’t look like many can produce what A.Mulli can. Check him out here.


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