FJAY – Dead Or Alive

When describing UK rapper FJAY, one of the first words that comes to mind is honest. Since dropping his EP Long Story Short back in mid 2015, he has shown his ability to blend styles and flow while talking about tough subjects [with ‘Black Chalice‘ being a personal example and favourite]. He has even shown his creative side with a “montage video” showcasing the tracks of the EP alongside a tale told through the rappers eyes. Determined to capitalise on his initial momentum, he followed up the EP release with ‘Social Commentary‘, a conscious track focused on the harsh realities of life.

On new release ‘Dead Or Alive‘, the 24-year-old rapper rhymes about his view on daily situations, delivering his ever clever bars with an effortless flow as he tackles deeper subject matters and questions his own existence especially as a young black male living in the UK. The new track also tackles issues of wrongful discrimination and victimision due to uncontrollable factors. FJAY definitely doesn’t hold back on ‘Dead Or Alive‘, which shows how confident he is as an artist and makes us look forward to what he has next to deliver. It’s the kind of track you’ll want to play more than once to really take in and aborb what FJAY is saying.

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