Kano – Endz

Kane Robinson, better known as Kano, is a London grime artist known for songs like ‘P’s and Q’s’ and ‘Flow of The Year’. Geography is integral to grime, each artist equally embedded in the UK but every postcode delivering a different sound. London is the center of this heat and Kane represents the East End, Newham, along with many other names in the game.

On his latest track ‘Endz’ , Kane takes a break from the 140bpm and provides us with an introspective journey of his life so far, paying homage to the ‘Endz’. It shows a different side of grime, the focus on lyricism is refreshing in a scene where the aggression and speed on the track can sometimes ruin the song quality. The scene needs this sort of variation.  Kano draws our attention to this stating that this is the flow we’ve “been waiting for, flow they don’t make no more, init? Not 140 but it’s fuckin raw, init?”

The instrumental is so effective, reminiscent of George the Poet’s ‘Young Kingz Part 1’ on Krept and Konan’s first album. It utilizes a sombre beat constituting of light piano and soft drum with only a hint of synth vocals at some parts. Here,  less is more as the deepness is provided by the lyrics, the beat is only to provide a base for the track and not be the basis. It’s different, not your normal grime beat but really demonstrates that grime doesn’t only have flow, there is a depth, so honest and pure here.

Kano is reflective, even though he has made it now, he has not forgotten. Lines like “I drive Mercs past poor people. They look at me like they saw a king . And I just wanna let the morgues in” really suggest this. He follows throughout the track a similar notion knowing he won’t get played on the radio, never become super famous, but he’ll take that to speak on what he feels. Speak for his people, his culture and his community.

Even though he reflects, Kano realizes the position he’s in and the weight that comes with that. Quoting Shakespeare he states “Heavy is the head that wears the crown though. I feel under pressure just to provide for the famo. I’m in disposition so I never tell a man “no”.” 

Kano knows there are many who want to drag him down, but at the same time he owes the ‘Endz’ , they made him and thus, he has a disposition. The combination of reflection and reality comes with many signs of respect to the old heads of the game, throughout the track.

“ And this one won’t chart, that’s for certain. But I know that Giggs will say that I was murking.”

Wretch phoned me and said without man like me, there’s no heat, that’s real.”

The lyricism provides layers to the track and an honesty that is often missed in music these days. The video provides the perfect visual for the lyrics and is directed by Sam Wrench. It provides the image to the contemplation and is rightfully filmed in the ‘Endz’. The visual starts with the pressing of piano keys which go on to be the base of this reflective beat. It’s so appropriate, it takes everything away and lets us focus on the everyday. There’s a clear demonstration throughout , to never forget where you’ve come from. This is shown through flashbacks and visuals of now, recording in his flat and eating in his local. Visuals of these type of locations,  like the barber shop, display the roots and an intimate portrayal of inner city London and inner city culture. The visual ends as it begins which is the real message of the track, Kano will stay the same, whatever comes.

The track comes from the upcoming album Made in the Manor, which is set to continue the theme of ‘Endz’.

Kano has stated that after his 10 years of service in the game that it is his most honest album to date. Grime needs this and so do we. This is a really impressive piece of work.


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