LØST CULTURE MEETS – Rax + New EP ‘Just 4 You’

Rax is an aspiring rapper and a UK native, ready to build his name in the game. With successful projects like The PickPocket , Rax is back giving us the EP Just4You. We got the chance to have a chat about Rax as an artist , as well as the music he is making.

How old were you when you first decided that music is what you wanted to do? Was there a moment , an album or a song?

“Yes there was a moment, there was a song. I was 16 and I made a song called ‘Wonder Woman’ and it wasn’t my best song or nothing but I realized my capabilities with the microphone. The songs good, I might release that one day because it’s not even out right now. It was at that point I sat and I listened and realized I’m better at this than I am at football. That was the choice I had , was it football or was it music? And then music just kind of stuck , it was a very pivotal moment.”

Artists your parents were listening to when you were growing up? Music you were surrounded by , are they big factors in creating Rax?

“ Ye, I think a big influence for me growing up was the fact that there were a lot of different genres , different artists but I think the one thing that was concurrent throughout was the emotion that you get from making music. The emotion you get from when you’re in a playground and you’ve been on your own thought of something intelligent, current and witty to say and then you see how it connects with people. Once you see that and you’re like hey , that was easy, I could do something a bit better. You draw influences from wherever life takes you. Again my friends , my family , The Clan that’s my team always have been a big inspiration on the choices and decisions and even the words I say.”

I only say that because The Pickpocket , big fan of the project by the way , was certainly a culmination of different varieties of music, jazz being integral to the sound of the project. You’ve taken that forward into the new EP, I know that every song on the new EP is individual but you can see different types of music.  I will’ was one of my favorite songs on that project. So for someone that hasn’t listened to Rax would Pickpocket be the reference or are you more concerned with Rax now?

“Yes, it was true to me at that point in time and it is true to where I am today. TBCP was a lot of people’s favorite project because of how in your face the project was. There was one video every two weeks for six months , I didn’t miss it , we shot the music videos together. Some of the things we did you wouldn’t even conceive. If I did literally tell you something , a video looks like a glidecam , at the time we didn’t even know what a glidecam was. A friend happened to have a bicycle and we were with five people so we had someone sitting on the bicycle backwards so that the handle bars are behind them , they’re holding the glidecam and two people are pulling the handlebars walking through Liverpool street. That’s not going to happen again, I have the ability to not have to do that but there’s such a beautiful thing about being resourceful. Wherever you decide to listen,  tune in to JUST4YOU and what comes after…”

I’ve listened to the whole EP and you have a lot of good features on the project such as Bonkaz , Josh Osho , Dee Pee etc. A song that really stuck out for me and felt really honest was Think Big. Is there a story behind this song?

“I had the beat for a year and a half before I made the song. It was meant to be for an album project but I was going through some family stuff at the time. I just wanted to be more than a voice to my brother instead of being like you need to be doing this or doing that. When you put it in music , he knows I’m being truly serious and I know there’s a lot of my friends and people who are out there who are trying to steer their family members in the right direction. When you’re young you think you know it all right? When you get older you get a rude awakening , everyone has a price. Before you follow anyone else and find out their price , get yourself sorted so when you find out their price , it doesn’t hurt you. It’s my favorite song on the project , because it represents me and my perception a lot more than the other songs do because it’s a real and very personal description. I’m really glad that you tuned into that.”

Are you positive about the UK right now?

“ Yes, this is the best point I’ve been in the scene, I don’t know what it was like for the guys doing Sidewinder and that but that was a big point in the scene to when So Solid came in and we turned to grime. We got Wiley etc this is not saying this is bigger than that , it’s just right now,  since I’ve ever been making music it’s the best time. It’s beautiful man its potent , its selfish when it needs to be , it’s got the right components now for people to sustain a lifestyle of it. You used to see good MCs touring and working a job, that’s unfair. People are consuming your mind, everything you’ve seen, they’re taking from you.”

It’s like surviving and not living  as you say in your lyrics on Think Big. But should the UK do more lyrically? We saw it on Kano’s new track Endz , he slows the 140 right down and we see what lyrical talent that man has.

“Sometimes I get confused when you know there’s a lot of class. But right now this is what is making our industry sick right now and I wouldn’t change it because it is what is making it good right now. Someone can be more lyrically more able but it doesn’t really matter. As long as people are engaging, people don’t care what’s happening as long as it is happening. People are making music to describe their cultures and represent them in their entirety. Where I’m from trap music is real life, if you say you’re trapping and you’re not trapping. Tomorrow you’re going to get verified…Obviously when we compare the struggle in the UK to that of America they have a lot more to talk about and why they’re potentially more lyrical. That’s not to say the UK doesn’t have a struggle but it is so much more real in America. Grime is a method of defining our culture though, that’s why its so powerful.”

We then talked about the song ‘Four Seasons‘ one of the lead songs off the EP. Rax described the deep connection him and Josh Osho have and this is evident on the track. The song, produced by Necho was supposed to have featured another artist, it was a now or never moment and Josh Osho came through. The track really shines with his Kwes like vocals. Being Independent, was another topic that came up throughout the conversation with Rax in no hurry to sign up to a label, unless the offer is right.

It was a really good interview , with an even more humbling guy. Whilst tracks like Money Bee’ will stick out on face value , it’s when we get introspective Rax on ‘Think Big” where this record really comes through. The freestyle at the end is also a nice touch with Rax showing his rapping ability to the fullest extent. Rax described how he is beginning to find his own sound and his lane , confident that he’s going to deliver us this on the next project to come out.

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