Saba – Soap Box

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Having collaborated with a who’s who of Chicago artists over the past 12-months [including a feature on Chance The Rapper‘s single ‘Angels‘], producer and MC Saba is set to be the next to rise out of his talented hometown. ‘Soap Box‘ varies wildly in energy throughout the track, but in a really great way. Parts of the beat are guitar-driven and very heavy, but as the chorus approaches the guitars fade away into jazzy piano keys and synths. It has the effect of a big bass drop, but without the traditional built up.

As the song’s title suggests, Saba uses the track as a platform to get a few things off his chest and sees him add a gritter, more rock-like sound to his repertoire with a production from Phoelix and Saba himself. The sound is fast and furious and is sure to incite a mosh pit or two at his live shows. He doesn’t hold back on the soulful side either, as he relents from the aggressive spitting to show off his singing abilities in the beautifully executed hook.

The song premiered on Genius, where Saba also annotated the lyrics, explaining lines about Chicago suburbs, his level of productivity in 2015, and coleslaw: “A 6 piece wing dinner from your fav Chicago chicken spot is most likely gonna come with some coleslaw on the side and I’m definitely not gonna eat that shit.”


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