Kano – Fire In The Booth (BBC 1Xtra)

Kano – Fire In The Booth (BBC 1Xtra)

Along with the release of his brand new full-length LP, ‘Made In The Manor’ grime legend Kano stops off at Charlie Sloth‘s Fire In The Booth for an epic freestyle. With a huge amount of critical acclaim already, Kano reminds people (not that he needs to) that he’s still bar ready. Expect everything that you would usually expect and more from the MC, with close attention to metaphors and wordplay which will surely improve your experience ten fold. Discussing a vast amount of subjects, such as fake people, general bragging and other things, K.A floats elegantly on the heavily sampled instrumental. Rather than a straight ten-minute grime set, which some would have liked/expected, we get more of a hip-hop vibe even though Kano is still spitting as if it’s over 140 bpm. With many quotables, one line that stands out is when he mentions at 3:37 :

Giggs told me i was scared to bless this booth, Ghetto even threw in his two pence and all, but that’s just the banter when the legends talk

After the success of ‘Home Sweet Home‘, Kano became a superstar, representing urban black youth and the grime scene in a positive light. A great performance on “Top Boy” only solidified his place in the industry even further. With nearly every MC in the scene going on the notorious BBC 1Xtra show to earn their stripes, the UK underground music legend makes effortless work of, what some may see as a tremendous task. Unplanned and completed in one take only, see Kano‘s full Fire in the Booth above.

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