LØST CULTURE MEETS – Rude Kid + New EP ‘Noah’s Ark’

British producer Rude Kid has worked alongside some of the biggest names in the UK scene including the likes of Skepta, Wiley and Kano, and his tag will be instantly recognizable to anyone who listens to underground UK music, but he is much more than “just” a grime producer. Rude Kid has always utilized a wide variety of sounds, dropping more experimental tracks [hence his describtion “alien music”] and creating a unique and varied musical soundscape. Alongside his own projects [Hypnotize EP, Voices], Rude Kid teamed up with Ghetts last year to drop 653 with Relentless Studios which saw them write 6 tracks in 5 days while shooting 3 videos as well. The project spawned viral hit ‘One Take‘, which is being vocalled by everyone in the scene right now. Ahead of the release of his new project Noah’s Ark, L Ø S T  C U L T U R E sat down with the man himself to discuss his roots into the scene, the current grime landscape and what he has planned next…

So you’re from London, you’re a producer, how did you get started into this?

From school, I was introduced to FL Studio and it amazed me that you could make beats. I used to listen to alot of Narstie Crew and pirate radio back in the days and I used to ask myself how they make their music. It really didn’t make sense to me how did they do it and what they using [to make it]. I guess it was because I was young so didn’t know. I didn’t have much money or anything, so when this guy gave me the programme, it was like woah I can make music! From there, I’ve never looked back, one of my tunes was even made on it“.

Did your family play a part in it?

My family are a big inspiration. Because if your family don’t support what you’re doing, then your hearts not going to be in it. At first they were trying to figure out what my ‘thing was’ and how it would work but when they started to see me doing things, they began to believe and have supported it so much. I have to do whatever I can to achieve the goals that I’ve set myself. Dizzee Rascal is a like a big influence to me. I’ve been spending time with him in the studio as well, just listening to him speak and he can talk to you and guide you in certain ways. Skepta and Ghetts have been big influence to me too“.

What can you tell us about the new project Noah’s Ark?

It’s just sick tunes init. Four massive grime tunes that are going off everywhere. Like energetic tunes man, they’re not depressing they’re uplifting bruv“.

So you named the single ‘Wiley Kat‘ after the Godfather Wiley and as soon as I heard that I was thinking where’s Wiley, the tracks is definitely made for him sonically. 

You can picture him on that track just from the souns. When I first made that tune, the Wiley tune, I sent it to him straight away and he was taking long to work on it and I was just itching to get this EP out. I’m not holding back this year on anything, music should be heard. If people want to hear your music, just give it to them. Give the people what they want but Wiley, who knows? He might still work on it, you never know“.

He should…

Yeah, he definitely should“.

So you’ve been in the studio with Devlin, Ghetts to name just a few and you must be pretty gassed with the hype surrounding ‘One Take’ with everyone going over the top of it?

I don’t know, I don’t see the hype“.

You don’t see it!?

Nah, maybe because I’ve just been getting on with my work. What makes me see it is when I’m at shows like Eskimo Dance and when they announce myself and Ghetts coming out, everyone’s phones come out! That’s what makes me know like cool, this tunes actually big!

How do you see the Grime scene from a producers perspective right now? 

It’s wicked man, I can’t lie at all, everyone’s getting love man! Producers are getting love, DJ’s are getting love, everyone’s getting the right push and the scene is buzzing bruv. I can’t ask for anything else and I’m just greatful I’m in the scene and I am at the position I am in within it. It’s a good thing for me, it makes my work harder now too because there’s a lot more to do. I’m busier then I’ve ever been but I love it and I’ll never complain about it. The scenes wicked right now and it’s only going to go up with time“.

I was at Future House last night talking to a guy from Boston and he was explaining how his favourite thing right now is Grime, it really is exciting times for our homegrown genre.

That’s sick! I did a recording in Australia and it was mad seeing the amount of people out there who like grime. I’ve got a big show in the Czech Republic and it’s mad them liking grime too“.

It’s always weird especially in like Eastern European Countries and Japan as they go crazy over music, sometimes you wouldn’t expect

Ye its mad! Especially in countries when they don’t even speak English. The fans over there are crazy and people will be like ‘I’m a big fan of yours’ and I’m there signing people’s t-shirts and Jordans. It’s mad bruv! They don’t see us often, other people might see us at this show and that show but they don’t get to see you often so I guess that’s why they’re so like that“.

So I’m guessing you’re in the studio already on more stuff? 

Come on man! I’m advanced. I’ve got like two EP’s ready, I’m ahead of what I’m doing which is always good. It’s always good to be ahead of things because I feel like I work hard but not hard enough yet. To the normal person the amount I work would be like WTF but I know I can do more“.

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