Opal Blue – Shegoesdeep [EP Review]

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As well as having an awesome and intriguing name, Opal Blue pack a load of talent. The duo have recently released their EP Shegoesdeep compiled of 3 tracks of alternative, electronic trip-hop music with excellent vocals. It is hard to ignore, even just in their name, album artwork and titles, the connections to water. Words like ‘blue’ and ‘deep’ exemplify this. Their aura builds up a theme of the deep ocean and their sound echoes this by at times sounding as if the music is really travelling through water, with muffles and echoes and a relaxing, flowing atmosphere. The songs in Shegoesdeep sound distinctively auto-tuned and edited, but for their style, it works.

In terms of the musicians themselves, they appear quite mysterious. They do not reveal much about themselves as individuals. Their album artwork, social media and the way they present themselves leave much to the imagination but it is refreshing to take music at face value without having prior judgments about the people behind the creation. Instead, the Shegoesdeep EP can be judged purely from what Opal Blue mean for us to hear.

Echoing sounds in ‘Way Down‘ do emanate a kind of floating sense you feel when relaxed in water. It also features piano keys and gentle vocals before turning into a more dancy hip hop track, then returning to a slow, booming electronic deep-sea track. ‘All My Troubles‘ has an eery introduction with pitched down vocals with lots of reverb to give ambiance. Around a minute in, a melodic beat is placed as the bass of the song and various percussion sounds are brought in including higher notes sounding like a xylophone or synthy type tune which contrast the deep low tone of the song. This track is unusual, but a sure display of Opal Blue’s ability to break boundaries and experiment with melody and tone, in a talented piece of production.

Time Travel‘ is potentially the most catchy of the trio, it has lyrics which could be relatable, but also has that sense of underwaterness in the drawn out vocals, edited to sound muffled and subdued. Having said this, the song is also bright and more of a popular alt-indie vibe similar to popular R&B. The song changes throughout and goes through phases of different edits, making it unique as well as tuneful.

The ambiguity created from the music and image of Opal Blue, especially in Shegoesdeep, generates a sense of depth. Their production is full of thought, and unique effects are inputted left right and center, constructing a journey through each track. The associations with water is calming, and all the aspects of Opal Blue put together frame a dynamic duo with a great amount of potential.

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