The Coffee Scrub Company – Review.

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12509703_224401734560544_8893834591966440105_n The Coffee Scrub Co kindly sent over their for me to try out. Over the past year or so I have seen many companies beginning to sell Coffee Scrubs, advertising on social media such as Youtube and Instagram. You-tubers, blogger’s and Instagrammers all preaching the effects of coffee scrubs. I had previously tried to create my own DIY Coffee Scrub and posted the recipe on my blog, here. However, didn’t find I was a fan of the smell of my DIY Coffee Scrub and so I quickly gave up on using it. Therefore, I was very sceptical to trying out this product,praying I wouldn’t get out the shower smelling like a walking coffee shop…

Firstly, I just need to emphasise how amazing this product smells! It is seriously on another level, the first initial smell is of the coffee and yet it has a delicate undertone of orange that I can only compare to a chocolate orange segment. I cannot say that I am a huge fan of the orange scent and yet I found I could wholly embrace the scent of orange in this product. The smell was the first thing on my checklist that had to be good for me to use this product, and it certainly won me over.

The product came in the generic cardboard bag that many coffee scrubs do. The appearance when unused and unopened is nice, however once open and exposed to a slight bit of water in the bathroom the packaging quickly deteriorates. I personally don’t find the packaging practical, after using the product you cannot close the top of it due to coffee becoming engrained in the seal. I also found it hard to get product out without wasting some due to the cardboard bag making it a tight squeeze to get the product out. I resorted to placing the product in an airtight container so that it was easily accessible and I did not waste any further product.12717366_232586813742036_238398831764825413_n

This product has a unique texture and I have been struggling to find the correct words to really describe this product correctly. It has a gritty texture that provides an excellent exfoliation. Yet it has a refined texture, the coffee is ground very finely and so you do not have any clumps of coffee in the bag.

The application of this product is fairly straightforward, the smallest amount of coffee scrub goes a long way and so I can see this product lasting me a while. As this product has a gritty texture, the exfoliation is immense, I have sensitive skin and personally, would only opt to use this once a week rather than the 2-3 times a week that is recommended. It is also recommended to apply in circular motions and leave for 5-10 minutes and then wash off, I obviously couldn’t do this as I didn’t fancy standing in the bath for 5-10 minutes, ain’t nobody got time for that. After washing off the product, I went in with some shower gel on a loofa as I found that it had left a brown residue on my skin.

The product is also extremely messy as with many coffee scrubs and can be a nightmare to clean out of your bath. It can also stains your bath nevertheless this is not a major issue as it is not hard to clean off the bath, or remove.

After getting out of the bath I found that the scrub had left a thin layer of oil on my skin that made my skin feel very moisturised and pampered. I suffer quite significantly with eczema on my arms and legs and I was very surprised to find this softened and moisturised my eczema really well. I use other body scrubs usually but none have left my eczema feeling as soft as this scrub did. After using the product I fake tanned and found I had no awkward patchy skin on my arms or knees so this was an absolute bonus for me! I could still feel the oil on my skin the next day when showering too, it was great to know my skin was being nourished throughout the day.

Overall, this is a really great product that I will continue to use. I enjoyed the scent and after effects of the product and also how moisturised my skin felt. The Coffee Scrub Company also have three other scrubs in different scents: Chocolate, Cinnamon and Classic Coffee. Each of the scrubs are priced at £8.50 which I think is very reasonable due to the amount of product you receive in the bag and also due to the fact other coffee scrubs on the market are extortionately overpriced. Not forgetting this product is “Vegan Friendly, All natural body scrub“.

If you would like to try out the product for yourself, you can buy them; here.


Great scent
Great exoliation
Long lasting moisturisation
All natrual product
Can stain bath
Hard to take product out (The Bag)
Can leave brown residue on skin
More variety in products
Total Out Of 5.
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