GOLF Media: The Greatest Cooking Show of All Time

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The man, the myth, the genius that is Tyler, The Creator, releases an “old” episode of “The Greatest Cooking Show of All Time“. Only available to watch exclusively on GOLF Media (sign up here), the episode above is taken from Season 1 and features Bonny Lalich as the host/co-host. Making the most intricate breakfast ever, the pair throw together some ready-made Eggo waffles and cook them in a pan, after Tyler decides not to use the toaster. Drizzled with maple syrup and slabbed with a slice of butter, the a la carte meal may be difficult for the viewers to replicate. Of course as this is an OFWGKTA production, there has to be an element of madness present. Which, as you guessed, there is, especially at the end. Although, the people who tried the “dish”  seemed to thoroughly enjoy it, even rating it an 11 out of 10. With some actually impressive waffle flips, see the video above.

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