American Blueberry Muffins – SORTED Food

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American Blueberry Muffins – SORTED Food

It’s that common trick that happens to the best of us, we think, ooh chocolate chips, and they turn out to be raisins or blueberries. Well, if you follow the recipe above, you just might smile instead when that situation occurs, rather than the usual grimace that the majority of us have. In all of  their blueberry goodness, SORTED Food keep the baked goods flowing with this brand new, homemade American Blueberry Muffins recipe. A batch of fresh delectables that can be made and ready to eat in just under an hour, made even tastier with a sprinkle of demerara brown sugar. Using buttermilk, vanilla extract, and more, see the full list of ingredients over at SORTED Food here. View the visual aided recipe above, or in more detail at the link provided.

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