Atlee ‘Lost In Transition’ With His Debut EP.

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Los Angeles is one of America’s hub for talent, and a powerhouse for the creative scene as a whole. Atlee is a new edition to this scene and decides to reflect the chilled and laid back California vibe on his debut Lost In Transition. With such a relaxed set, does Atlee do enough to create a splash?

Building initiates Transition and see’s the LA lyricist give us a formal introduction into who Atlee actually is. “I wear my heart on my sleeve, and wear the city on my hat// Always know where to find me so my nickname Map”. Atlee clearly has a love for the city and it brings out his emotional side and determination to put his all into achieving and hustling for his career. The song feels very current and relevant to the millennial struggle. Everyone regardless of if you’re not from LA or not can relate to the pressures and constant mental struggle of making it. But ultimately as long as progress is being made and ‘building’, then motivation can be found to persevere.

A very melodically fuelled ‘Living takes the second place of the set and the determination continues as Atlee compares wins to L’s. “Middle fingers to my enemies// This just the beginning of my legacy” the MC eagerly spits to all the people that have left his life for the negative reasons, and continues to talk about independence and chasing the singing and money collecting. However, he makes sure to tell us that “Selling dope was the best decision that I never made.”. But the same hustling spirit of a dope seller is what he somehow managed to gain on his journey of growth. His tone throughout is slightly reminiscent of Detroit’s Big Sean,  but it’s only in places and Atlee still holds his own and sounds like his own artist.

We’re halfway through the EP at this point and the infamous rap-love ode makes itself known. Entitled ‘Us Two, a softer-rap inspired beat takes the lead as Atlee slows down and reflects on a relationship and his other half. “Just keep in mind that you’re always on my mind // Know I can count on you to keep me up and hold me down.” he lets his lover know that she’s the one and beyond music it’s only her in his life. Although a cliche, the song fits well with this EP as it shows that through one’s personal goals, having someone to help motivate helps the process.

In the same way love can be a positive thing, ‘Bad Habits‘ highlights the dangers of a relationship, when it becomes toxic and overly addictive. “I know I shouldn’t want it but I know I gotta have it // Loving you, loving you, is like my bad habit” Atlee sings on the song’s chorus. Atlee is his strongest in terms of flow here, his pace is solid and he sounds confident and honest throughout.

The final track of the set see’s Atlee going through ‘Transitions‘ . Over a funky fusion of drums and pianos Atlee gets serious about his preparations for the future and getting over his past lovers. “Had to take a step back to get ahead”. Atlee reflects on the past and talks about finding self-love and perseverance throughout his past relationships which led him to be Lost in Transitions for a while, and finally the picture becomes clearer in terms of what led Atlee to the place he’s in at the moment.

Lost In Transitions is very reminiscent of a lot of the problems young adults go through while still growing up. The relationships, the will to look within and push on despite obstacles, and most importantly overcoming for your dreams. While staying true to LA’s classic vibed out nature, Atlee still carries a rugged sense of truth throughout his EP which helps manifest an authentic and organic tone littered in the Transitions. An enjoyable and laid-back number.

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