Injustice 2 – Official Announce Trailer HD

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Injustice 2 – Official Announce Trailer HD

Batman vs Superman….vs Flash..vs Aquaman…vs Supergirl! And that’s just a snippet of what’s to come. Playstation Warner Bros. release the announcement trailer for Injustice 2, the sequel to Injustice: Gods Among Us based on the DC Comics super squad, the Justice League. With the movie on it’s way, the game has become somewhat popular, mainly due to its story-line which is actually sort of movie-like. It was well received, much better than the Dawn of Justice film was. The trailer shows some of the key team members fighting each other, which is what the game is centered around.  With an improved selected of both heroes and villains, characters can now personalise them to suit the player with powerful high-tech gear. Set in the future, the game looks to be quite epic if we do say so ourselves, scheduled to arrive early 2017. Injustice 2 will become soon available for pre-order at the official website here.

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