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Premiere: Granville Sessions – Calgon Sunrise [Official Video]

Collectives and groups in hip hop music seem to be steadily on the rise, with the success of groups like House of Pharoahs, Last Night In Paris, Sin For Calais, 808INK and the Neverland Clan. Another group who have taken their talents to the main stage are London based, 8 piece live hip hop collective Granville Sessions. Their early releases, No State [2011] and Forward [2013] showcased their lively, funky vibe with tracks like ‘Forward‘ and ‘Ill Architecture‘ utilising powerful hooks, punchy trumpets and a variety of a drum rolls which combine to make something truly unique. Their 2016 release, ‘Leave It‘ was a refreshing track which matches a classic hip hop feel with a modern twist and today, they are premiering their latest video, ‘Calgon Sunrise‘. Ahead of the premiere, L Ø S T  C U L T U R E caught up with drummer Louis Dale to discuss their influences, the groups origins and why a Granville food blog might be on the way…

Who does the group consist of?

There’s quite a few of us! We have: Mnsr Frites – Vocals, Archetype – Vocals, Luca Brazi – Vocals, Jon Ball – Guitar, Marvin Javier – Bass, Jude Eyton – Trombone, Ed Koral – Trumpet, Louis Dale – Drums/Live Samples“.

What first brought you together as a group?

Most of us went to school together, in fact, Frites and I have been friends since primary school. Some of us a played together in different bands before. But Granville Sessions originally formed because the MC’s got offered a show in Manchester, at the time we were all at my parents house in (Granville Road) South London discussing it and jokingly suggested it should be with a full live band. So we just jammed together in a studio along to some loops the guys had been working on and it just continued from there“.

What are the benefits of being in a group alongside your friends?

Probably that it’s more fun than being in a band with people you barely know. It makes going to and playing shows a lot more enjoyable. Also we’re all into food too (Frites’ Chili jam tastes fantastic), whenever we play a show we’ve got a tradition of going to a local restaurant beforehand and we created a stupidly complex restaurant rating system. Granville food blog coming soon! It’s just better being in a band with friends, you are all in it together“.

What do you believe that you all bring to the table and how do you compliment each other?

Each member has their own influences and it’s all quite prevalent in the new album (which we’ve just finished recording). We’ve taken the best of our playing and thrown it in, so there’s plenty of different styles in this album. The latest single ‘Calgon Sunrise’ is a good example to this; a mash up of different sounds we’ve put together, which at the core is Hip Hop. Somehow we just make it work“.


Your videos to date have all been creative and visually aesthetic, how do you usually go about creating a video and how do you come up with ideas?

Well we tend to base our videos on locations. ‘Styles’ was filmed in a disused Securicor warehouse in Battersea, which has now been knocked down to make way for apartments for the rich. ‘Pubsteppin‘ was filmed in Wandsworth because of its history of Public houses and Youngs brewery. Our video for ‘Calgon Sunrise’, is a completely different medium. We wanted to take an already existing film, that isn’t well known and breathe new life into it. So we’ve recycled imagery from an 80 year old stopmotion, french film called The Tale of The Fox. It looks dope!

Why do you think we are seeing the current surge in groups and collectives?

I think it’s important for people to work together. Collaboration is key. These days solo acts that form groups tend to do much better together than on their own. Most shows are put together using acts associated to a certain crew or label and promoters partner up to reach new heads. It’s just the way it is, and as cheesy as it sounds it’s power in numbers. It’s just a lot harder to make it on your own“.

Favourite US or UK collective of all time?

Can’t speak for the rest of the band, but for me collective wise – it would be the legacy acts; Public Enemy, The Roots, Wu Tang, Beastie Boys, RATM, anything with a raw sound I’m generally into. Of late, you’ve got Run The Jewels killing it and also anything associated to label Melo Music Group is bound to be fire!


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