She has took the internet by storm with a unfinished track sounds crazy right? How you may ask well after playing the single to Pharrell Williams; his reaction had the internet and music lovers going crazy.


However the real credit goes to non other than the artist Maggie Rogers. Who has now completed and shares an amazingly creative and final version of her viral sensation ‘Alaska‘, as she naturally combine’s her traditional folk background with her “new love for dance music” to create a her own lane into to what could be a solid music career ahead. The record  has a really colourful feel to it Rogers wrote, sang, and co-produced the song, and her dedication shows.  You can watch here as she explains  the process to Pharrell during his Masterclass with fellow students at NYU Clive Davis Institute

Press play and listen to the final edit from Maggie Rodgers you wont be disappointed:

Source: Maggie Roders

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