THIS IS A MUST SEE! Official Trailer for “Kicks” (HD)

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THIS IS A MUST SEE! Official Trailer for “Kicks” (HD)

The trailer for upcoming indie-epic Kicks has been creating quite a buzz since it’s release, trending worldwide it looks to be quite something. A sort of subset in a modern “coming of age” story, Kicks has already racked up a serious IMDB rating of 8.5/10 and a jaw dropping Rotten Tomatoes review of 100%, perhaps the only film this year or only film period to reach this status, nevermind the fact this is all prior to it’s release. Writer and director, Justin Tipping,  should be fully thrilled with the response to his unique and original masterpiece.

Surely one to touch the hearts of all generations, the story follows a boy who lives in a rough neighbourhood with a love for kicks. Like many of us he could only dream of having the freshest sneakers out, one day his wish comes true. Of course using the sneakers as a plot device, it entails his journey to get them back, as he and what appears be his friends. hunt down the bad people that jumped him and took them. View the trailer above, featuring an interesting relationship with space and the hood. Kicks arrives in theatres this September..

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