Shadez The Misfit feat. Bipolar Sunshine – Fires

South London Based MC Shadez The Misfit has been around for a number of years cultivating his talent and manoeuvring the foundations of his career through his label Ne Plus Ultra which translates as “The Highest High”. After rocking Channel 4’s Evo Music Rooms unsigned competition and performing on stage with the likes of Plan B, he began working on his re-introduction to the world and his sound. Now all the hard work seems to have paid off as he links up with platinum recording artist Bipolar Sunshine for a “Fire” collaboration. But does Shadez bring enough heat?

The track begins with a euphoric and melodic sound-scape which warms up the listener. Before we’ve eased too far into relaxation Shadez begins to spit. “Where I’m from all I hear is sirens // where I’m from where I’m from all you see is violence” he begins, and evokes imagery of his upbringing and surroundings growing up. A sense of determination is littered throughout the first verse and Shadez refuses to be a product of that and that he’s about to “run it like a ceo”. Soon after Shadez finds his feet he passes over the chorus to Bipolar Sunshine, whose emotional tone leads the chorus. Repeating the lyrics “making something out of nothing” in a laid back way he creates a vocal equivalent of the soul pushing and motivating a sense change and perseverance.

Verse two is more of the same story as Shadez distinguishes what he’s seen as an adolescent and what he aspires to be. He seems to be tired of it all half way through as he finally establishes this change he wants to be/is becoming. “Stop wasting my time never meant to make that 25 // most of my life they said I’d be doing crime// never thought I’d be changing lives”, he raps still calm and chilled, however a sense of confidence in his direction is felt. Bipolar takes the lead once more to re-iterate that “we start out on fires”, when we seize the moment and do what we want to.

‘Fires‘ is a solid effort from Shadez and the future bounce production [by fellow Ne Plus Ultra signee THMWY] is the perfect vibe and energy for the summer season. Shadez represents a facet of rap which is forward thinking and experimental, and with loads positive response and the shift in global rap to being more inclusive of sounds like this, it will be no time before this track gets the recognition and acclaim it deserves.

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