Sticky Blood

Sticky Blood team up with L Dizz for ‘Hop In The Place’

Following on from their Rhythm & Grime single ‘Garn Again‘ featuring Snowy and Yxngz, the production duo Sticky Blood keep smashing out the tracks and bring a brand new one in the form of ‘Hop In The Place‘  This track takes on a feel of both Grime and Trap vibes, with its deep bass and beats, and the hard-edged lyrics. It shows the ever-changing, adaptable and adventurous side to the unstoppable duo, who never seem to slow down.

The Sheffield production duo are now joined by another Steel City representative L Dizz who is from the new generation of Grime, and has gained attention from 1Xtra‘s Mistajam. He distinguishes himself between a melodic, anthemic chorus to rapping with a demanding, unyielding flow with a strong and powerful delivery that commands your attention. It’s backed by Sticky Blood’s alarming synths, snappy snares, militant hi hats all backed with a bass big enough to shake the grimiest of raves up.

They are already unsettling other producers across the UK with their unique and explorative sounds and wave of releases, and will continue to do so throughout the year. The anticipation is growing and growing for the new duo in town.

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