Epic Pizza Grilled Cheese Recipe – SORTED Food

Epic Pizza Grilled Cheese Recipe – Sorted Food

The SORTED Food team sandwich some excellent ingredients together, to make a delicious sandwich, grilled and filled to give the consumer that pizza effect, but in a sandwich. Named, the Epic Pizza Grilled Cheese Recipe, it provides an special take on the concept of grilled cheese sandwiches and pizza. Consistently providing the best easy-to-make meals around, the cooking channel throw in a mix of red wine-tinged tomato puree, mozzarella cheese, wild boar sausage and hint of basil. Layered between two slices of butter-spread sourdough, the quick but quality snack harnesses dense flavour in every aspect. An interesting take on a “pepperoni” pizza, serving as a sibling of sorts to the oven-based Italian dish. Watch the video above for a step by step visual guide or find a list of  written instructions and ingredients over at the official website here. Good luck making your own and enjoy!

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