Louise Chantal isn’t quite the household name she deserves to be yet but her success is surely imminent. The 20-year-old London born singer/songwriter is truly a unique artists and previously impressed with her tracks, ‘Genuflect‘, ‘Purple Rain‘ and ‘Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is‘. Last year, Deep Matter explained the power that Louise has within the scene;

Much more than just a beautiful face, her music delves on subjects of love, transformation, feminism, and empowerment. This blonde bombshell is set to break barriers and diminish limitations for her fans all over the world. Not only has she designed Aranbi specifically to promote positivity, awareness and empowerment, she emits endless intellect and wisdom in reference“.

Her appearance is also eye-catching, with bright neon hair and a shining and sparkling wardrobe which matches her creative output. With the release of her EP, Welcome to Aranbi, due out later this year, Louise has dropped her latest track, ‘Drugs‘. Premiering exclusively on LADYGUNN today, ‘Drugs‘ is a mid-tempo, atmospheric electronic soul jam which features glitching trap-lite beats and hazy synths, the artist’ mesmerizing, saccharine voice floating above the soundbed like a zephyr.

Talking on the track, Louise Chantal told LADYGUNN;

“I wrote drugs about the inner battle of vices versus virtues, and what it’s like when you make the decision to let a vice go and have to let someone you care about go in same the process in order to free yourself completely”.


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