Macca Wiles feat. Lil Yachty – Hold On Bruh

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The trap scene in America has seen a resurgence in the last few years which has shifted the overarching Hip-hop arena as a whole. With more artists dominating the scene and gaining street cred via outlets such as XXL, Pigeons and Planes etc it’s hard to deny the infiltration and mainstreaming of this Hip-hop enclave. One artist who’s using this popularity to his advantage is UK rapper Macca Wiles who made the move to the US last-year to cultivate the Atlanta scene. His latest offering features Trap’s golden child of the moment Lil Yachty.

A cinematic production initiates ‘Bruh‘, and infamous Yachty mumbles are heard instantly. Before the audience gets too carried away, Macca takes on verse one. “I be on the flexin all the time just hold on bruh” Wiles embodies the tracks carefree and cool nature here with his confident intro. He continues on his mission to keep it chill, talking about his love for money and total male dominated vibe and lack of care for the so called “b*tches” and “hoes” opinions.

Before he loses his cool the chorus interrupts. “Hold On Bruh” is heard for the next thirty seconds and restores the playful environment first initiated. After a bass heavy break, Yachty makes his appearance. But Yachty is on his angry tip also, anyone that tries to disturb his peace is a target of attack. “Fuck a punch, slap a nigga in his face from the ATL to the UK”. It’s clear Yachty wants to enjoy the moment with Macca. Lil Yachty’s classic auto-tuned, nursery rhyme effect is in full use on ‘Bruhand works shockingly well with the already child-like production scheme, a great feature choice here.

Hold On Bruh is a carefree summer number and is perfect in conveying that tone and sentiment throughout. Although on a deeper level this track adds nothing to the Hip-hop arena, what people like Yachty have established in Hot 97 interviews for example is that the Rap world and being a lyricist isn’t a serious pursuit for him, in his words he’s “Having fun with it”. So if we’re taking that tone with efforts like this than the track delivers just that a number offering nothing more than a for the moment essence, and that’s okay, as long as acts like Macca Wiles and Lil Yachty acknowledge that, then what’s the harm in them living in their lane.


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