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A clear risk taker, Roxxxan has always presented her craft in a way that can only be taken seriously. Honest, spicey and explosive lyrics, as demonstrated on Charlie Sloth’s Fire In Booth, make you gravitate towards the interesting and talented individual that she is. The Birmingham ambassador has previously sparred alongside respected MCs like P Money, on sets with Goldie, Skream, Benga and Caspa whilst working with producers such as Yogi, TMS, Bless Beats, Wiley, Sunny, Donaeo, Mikey J and Riton on her releases that have seen her championed by the likes of Zane Lowe, DJ Target and MistaJam.

As the initial taste to her forthcoming E.P set for release, Roxxxan is back and showed she is ‘Back to Live‘ with her latest track. Her new material feels darker, eloquent and matured, paying tribute to the wisdom and experience she has gathered on her journey. L Ø S T  C U L T U R E had the pleasure of catching up with Roxxxan a UK artist for some one on one questions.

When did you first decide you wanted to get into music?

When I was 13-14 and heard Ms Dynamite.. she was the first female rapper from the UK to stand for something for me.

What female rappers did you look up to growing up?

Lauryn Hill, Missy Elliot and Ms Dynamite were my top three then Lisa Left Eye, Da Brat, Scary Spice lol – for her lil bit at the end of “if you want to be my lover” ha!

What was the rap scene like in Birmingham growing up?

It was small but dope! Grime was a London thing at first, so we emulated the American scene writing songs 🙂

Another female rapper from Birmingham is Lady Leshurr who has had a great past 12 months. How well do you know each other and what do you think of her current success?

We were from different sides of Birmingham. Of course I knew who she was growing up we were the only girl rappers and the scenes so small in Brum that we knew and worked with a lot of the same people. I’m REALLY REALLY happy for Leshurr she’s sick, she works hard and is consistent!!! She deserves all her success.

Does it annoy you that females can sometimes get thrown together on “all female remixes”?

It doesn’t annoy me because its all I know and to be honest I’m grateful to even be asked to do remixes. I wasn’t supposed to be on Rock the Mic, Mikey J (my gee) told me to write a verse I did and 1Xtra liked it and kept me on. Don’t get me wrong I’d love to tear up the mandem on a remix ha!

For those that don’t know, what is Backpack Gang?

BACKPACK GANG.. is my gang! We believe in LOVE MUSIC and GOODTIMES! It’s open to all Chicks, dudes, geeks, misfits, gangsta’s etc to join ( I’ve also just dropped the BPG clothing line as well 🙂

You’ve played all over the UK, Europe and beyond. Where is your favourite place you’ve performed live and why?

France! Everywhere in France I’ve played has been so dope! The energy is crazy and people are very humble and show love. I don’t speak french well but always give it a go!

Has your sexuality ever effected your career and do you believe rap is changing its views when it comes to bi/homosexuality?

No, not for me. I’ve always been honest and owned everything about me good or bad. Obviously I see comments sometimes but if you don’t like me because I’m gay then I don’t you to support me anyway “**BYE FELICIA** altho I’m bi sexual and love it! ha!” I just want love man”.

What is your favourite tune you’ve ever recorded?

A track I recently recorded with Mikey J featuring Ryan De La Cruz called ‘Believe in Me‘ as cheesy as the title sounds I love it. Ryan’s hook, Mikey’s beat and my honesty 🙂

How would you say your music has developed over the time you’ve been making tracks?

I think my writing has improved a lot and I understand myself more. I was still growing when I first came into the scene making mistakes learning lessons, becoming an adult. I think now I’ve had everything, heart break, deaths, ups, downs, arguments fights, praise blah blah blah but now I’M READY!

On your latest track, you talked about London and said “its not my city but I made it my home”. What influenced that decision to move to London and do you miss Birmingham?

I miss Birmingham a lot more recently. I miss my mom my best friends, everyone I grew up with from my area, I’m missing people, having kids etc. I moved to London in a weekend – literally had an interview Friday moved down and started my internship on the Monday!! I knew London would change my life and bring me closer to my dream!

The track also touched on wanting the house and kids, essentially a normal life. How long do you think you have left as a musician?

Wow.. until I stop!

Can we expect a full project from you in the near future and what features can we expect?

Yes! Music music and more music I’m never stopping again! I’m recording a video next week! so asap!!!

What does the future hold for Roxxxan?



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